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How A Mortgage Broker Can Help You Tap Settlement Assets

How A Mortgage Broker Can Help You Tap Settlement Assets

‍One of the biggest challenges that a spouse can face is refinancing a property that he or she has been awarded in a divorce settlement.

The key to any refinance is qualifying for a mortgage. In many cases, the spouse attempting to qualify for that mortgage was not educated on the amount of income that would be necessary in order to qualify for that future refinance. This often leads to situations where the spouse is required to refinance but simply does not qualify.

This is where an upfront consultation with a mortgage broker can help. First, the mortgage broker can advise you of the target income needed to refinance the mortgage at that later date.  

In addition, the mortgage broker can advise you on how much alimony, child support, and other income you may be receiving can be used for your qualification. In some cases, the mortgage broker will advise you to have settlement assets placed into a trust so those assets can be distributed out to you over a period of time at a consistent amount.

This trust concept can be used as income if the lender can demonstrate it will continue for 36 months after the refinance. This is just one example of a strategy a mortgage broker can bring to your client at the time of settlement.

Contact me today to discuss how a mortgage broker can benefit your client.

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